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I'm not shy about telling people this--I think PowerLeap is a terrific company. Now, admittedly, part of this is because of a personal relationship I've established with them since November 2001, when I first encountered their PL-iP3/T adapter and approached them for an evaluation sample. But it goes far beyond that. I base my admiration on three main factors:

  1. First and foremost, they make GREAT PRODUCTS. The products are soundly conceived and designed, and they deliver on what they promise to do. The quality of manufacturing has been high, except for the occasional product start-up glitch, which seems to be pretty much inevitable in this fast-paced industry. But they keep on top of such issues and get the product right.

  2. They specialize in the "do-it-yourself" upgrade market, which is of particular interest to PC geeks like me who want excellent system performance but can't afford to be buying a new PC every year or two to have it. When you can double your system performance for a couple of hundred bucks rather than dropping another thousand or two in a new system, well that sounds pretty good to me! And as families acquire multiple PC's in this computer-intensive new century, the prospect of replacing each of them every couple of years gets just plain ridiculous. PowerLeap's products can lighten the financial load significantly and still have all of your PC's humming right along!

  3. They are among the most CUSTOMER-FOCUSED companies that you'll find. I spend quite a bit of time poking around in the Dell customer forums (check them out HERE), and I've seen the way PowerLeap responds to customer upgrade snafus and does everything possible to fix their problems and accomodate their wishes. They recognize that, as well as expecting good products, people are also looking for excellent SERVICE to go along with them. Too few companies seem to grasp this concept anymore. PowerLeap "gets it"!

Let me make it clear that I have no vested interest in pushing PowerLeap's products. I get no commision or "percentage" in any way from sales that may result from any of my reviews. Nor do I own stock or any other kind of "piece" of the company. True, I have several evaluation samples of PowerLeap products that I have been generously allowed to keep after completing my benchmarking and performance studies. But in every case, such samples were provided to me with the express agreement that I would have complete freedom to write my performance reviews to reflect the data I obtained and my personal interpretation of it, i.e. "no strings attached". I'm just a PC geek & hobbyist who likes cool hardware, and these folks make plenty of it! So scroll back up to the top of the page, click on one of those review links, and see what PowerLeap can do for you!


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